Looking up through the trees I see your name upon the breeze
And falling leaves, and apples green and everything around
I'm walking still and quiet but I cannot hear your voice today
You mimic all of nature, you don't even make a sound

Cause the birds are all asleep today, the grizzly he is far away
The silence it is deafening, it makes me think out loud
I call to you to think of me, and talk to me and sing to me
But I'm the one who's singing and there isn't any crowd

Today's the kinda day where I question everything I know
The love I've felt, my own dear friends, the early evening glow
I know that you are out there still, my dearest friend and company
But I cannot feel a thing today except the empty void

Oh won't you be with me
Oh won't you hold me tightly

My breathe it still comes to me, and strength is still inside my soul
My passion has not left me, so you must be living God
But I wish you were more tangible, instead of just the leaves you move
Cause I need someone to hold me when I want to sit and cry