1. Come See Me


You are the all-seeing eye, the only spirit to see every world and it stars and its skies
You are the one who is small as a whisper and large as the sea that you hovered over at the dawn of time and you gave time its worth and you gave me my worth and now I need you

Come see me

You hold the wind and rain in your Hand, and you conquered the world with a tiny Lamb
So I know you can come and conquer the death inside of me, the lethargy, give me energy,
I know I’m free but I don’t feel like life owns my bones so now I need you

Come break me

You have been watching with interest, this is the most beloved of all of the worlds you have made
Your Hand it moves among every family on Earth in an effort to teach peace and give life but I’m still not flowing with life because I hold onto the old way and my old hopes and prayers
I need you
So won’t you teach me the new way, and grab my fists with your Hands and pull back the fingers and loosen my grip so that the door will be open, my heart will find space for your Hand inside
I need you

Come free me